Have you been wondering if Janieruth is still out there somewhere?

This might be a long blog entry, just catching a few of you up on the things going on in my life.

On the second full day of eBay Live I had a serious accident in front of the Fabulous and Funky Art Institute of Chicago

Dufy Framed Reproduction

Dufy Framed Reproduction

Here is just one of the many fun things you will find in the gift shop.  The Art Institute of Chicago is a fun place to browse, I was only taking photos for a Photo Walk, the Art Institute was not open at 8 am I’m sorry to report.

I was taking photos on the front porch of the huge Lions and the beautiful urns of flowers that were standing in for a porch balustrade.  I either became dizzy and fell or stepped off the top step backwards by mistake, but God held me in HIS HANDS.  10 stone steps and a landing were between the porch and the sidewalk.  Somehow, my head and the sidewalk met, much to my head’s dismay.

A young lady who was out job searching came to my aid and held my head in her lap until the Paramedics came.  I remember everything that led up to the accident (on June 20) but nothing for at least a week and a half after it.

When I came aware, I was in the hospital surrounded by my family.  At first I thought that I had already returned to my home in Montgomery, AL, but was told that I was still in Chicago in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The quickness of the paramedics and the fact that I was seen so quickly and evaluated by Dr. Christopher Getch, then moved quickly to surgery where he removed bilateral subdural hematomas from my brain, saved my life.  I have since thought back over the day and realize that God was in control of every step, each paramedic and surgeon and the wonderful people who stopped to help me.

After a little over a week in the intensive care unit and on the regular surgical floor at Northwestern Memorial, I was moved to the number one rehab unit in the US.  RIC (Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) has beautiful views of Lake Michigan and we were there for the 4th of July!  I have made progress a little bit at a time and was allowed to be driven home (couldn’t fly due to cabin pressurization) to Montgomery on the 12th of July.  Praise God!

Now I am recuperating at home and attending rehab at the HealthSouth Hospital here in Montgomery three days a week.  I have made a lot of friends at HealthSouth including my Occupational Therapist, Jennifer; my Physical Therapists, Jessica and Lee Ann; and my Speech Therapist, Amy.

I am very Thankful for all the cards and notes my Rock Star Family has sent me, and most especially the prayers sent up to God and the Bible verses sent by friends from all over the world.  The world wide web really is a great place.

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope to be back in full swing sometime during September.


It’s Here! Today is the First Day of eBay Live!

eBay Live 2008, Chicago, ILAfter all of our planning, today is the opening day of eBay Live. The Rock Stars will be getting their Swag Bags of Goodies this morning at the Food Court in McCormick Place. There are some surprises in store as each Rock Star has tons of prizes to hand out – I saw t-shirts, bandanas, tattoos and many other great items in my bag. Janelle Elms has outdone herself in putting this together. Of course, we will all be playing Spot the Rock Star, so if you find one of the 30+ Rock Stars at eBay Live, be sure to ask for a Spot Star Card to play for items such as a Flip Video Camera, CD’s from Janelle’s Success Learning Library and even a one year membership to OSI Rock Stars.

My daughter Regan is with me and we have our day mapped out. At 10 o’clock, she will be in the eBay Stores 101 class in room W-178a. This class is taught by my mentor Janelle Elms and is a MUST for anyone who sells on eBay. Learn how to have eBay pay you back 75% of your Final Value Fees plus many more “insider tips”.

Jeffrey Gitomer Speaks at eBay Live

Yesterday, I saw Jeffrey Gitomer at the Education Specialist training seminar. He has moved to the top of my list for today! Jeff is the author of many best selling books including the”Little Green Book of Getting Your Way – how to Speak, Write, Present, Persuade, Influence and Sell Your Point of View to Others”. His seminar will be held at 10 o’clock in Room W-375B, get there early, this is sure to be a standing room only class. He is the most dynamic speaker I have seen in quite a while. One of the men in our class yesterday said that he had attended many of Zig Ziglar’s classes and now Jeff Gitomer had moved ahead of Zig as his favorite speaker! Do yourself a favor and attend his highly motivational class on Creating Loyal Customers & Repeat Business.

Also, today, Squidoo Founder Seth Godin will be speaking on And Your Clicks for Free, Promoting Yourself Outside of eBay. Seth is one of the MUST SEE speakers at eBay Live! Your opportunity to see him will be today at 3 o,clock in room W-375b. Our own Giant Squid, Stephanie, will be there along with all of the other Rock Stars – be there or be square! Seth will be announcing the winner of the 10 Lenses in 10 Days eBay Challenge. This promises to be one of the most Fun and Rewarding classes at Live this year!

On my way to Chicago for eBay Live!

Just a quick note to say that I am on my way to Chicago to attend eBay Live.  Be sure to check back in as I will be blogging about what I do there and letting you know how Spot the Rock Star is going!

Winston is a big help in my eBay Business - I guess he wants to attend eBay Live with me.

As you can see, packing my suitcase was a lot of fun with so much help!

I can’t wait to get there and see all of you!  Try your best to locate me, I will be all over the place and I won’t be that hard to find.  I only have 250 Spot Star cards to hand out, so be sure and see the list of places we’ll be at Spot the Rock Star!


This Just IN – The SPOT THE ROCK STAR Contest – CLUES!

Janelle just posted this important information at Spot the Rock Star!

Get it here and beat the crowds to the Rock Stars at eBay LIVE in Chicago!

Tuesday, June 17th

Meet MS Virgo in person at Harry Caray's8pm – They’ll be getting wild and crazy at Harry Caray’s on Kinsie Street in downtown Chicago – send a round of Flaming Pepper Shots to their table.

Wednesday, June 18th

10 am – eBay Education Specialist training – McCormick Place West Building, Level 1- Meeting Room W-193

Thursday, June 19th

8 am – McCormick Place West – 2nd floor food court
2:15 pm – outside of room #W375B (Seth Godin’s class – Click for Free)
4:30 pm – outside of room #W375B (Seth Godin’s class – Click for Free)
5:00 pm – Solutions Center – see the Rock Stars right out front
PESA’s PowerSeller party – Alhambra Palace

Friday, June 20th

8 am – Starbucks/Food Court Area – 2nd Floor McCormick Place West
8 am – all over Chicago – Photo Walk with Cindy
Noon – outside of room #W375B (Jay Berkowitz class – Web 2.0)
1:30 pm – eBay Live Bookstore
3:30 pm – Solutions Floor – Terapeak booth (#529) Rock Star Autograph Signing
5:30 pm – Sales Amigo’s party at the Hyatt Regency Chicago Riverwalk

Saturday, June 21st

8 am – Grand Concourse Starbucks 2nd Floor
10 am – Education Specialist Booth on the Solutions Floor
2 pm – Solutions Center – see the Rock Stars right out front
6 pm – Gala with Chris Isaak

Check the floorplans at McCormick Place to help you with your hunt –

Expect Rock Stars to be many places – as we spot them we’ll be bringing you the updates.

I Squidoo, Do YOU?

I have posted several new lenses on Squidoo this week in preparation for the eBay 10 Lenses in 10 Days Challenge.  Please check out the one I wrote about the Spot the Rock Star Contest, sprinkle stars, vote in the polls, leave me a comment and lensroll it. 

In ONE WEEK – Spot the Rock Star at eBay Live for Fabulous Prizes!

Play Spot the rock star at eBay Live in Chicago beginning 6/19 

eBay Live in Chicago from June 19 – June 22 promises to be more fun than usual with Janelle Elms and her OSI Rock Stars in the mix!  As announced on Uncle Griff’s Radio Show on June 9, there will be a total of 35 OSI Rock Stars hiding in the crowd of 10,000 or more attendees.  When you spot one of the Rock Stars, be sure to ask them for your Spot Star card and sign into the web site with your code.  Janelle has Fabulous Prizes lined up for the lucky winners.

As you have guessed by now, I am one of the 35 Rock Stars who will be in attendance.  Check the Spot the Rock Star site for clues and info about the prizes.

If you are not attending eBay Live, but want to get the very best eBay education offered anywhere, you can sign up for OSI Rock Stars and have over 200 hours of training at your fingertips 24/7.  Come join us!

Spot the Rock Star at eBay Live – You could win a Great Prize!

Spot janieruth at eBay Live, you might win a Prize from OSI Rock StarsThis just in from Online Success Institute and OSI Rock Star visionaire Janelle Elms.  Janelle made an Important Announcement on June 10 during the eBay Radio Show hosted by Uncle Griff.  The OSI Rock Stars are about to invade eBay Live and YOU can gain insider information about their Success and WIN fabulous prizes!  It’s easy…just find any of these Rock Stars at eBay Live and ask them for a ‘Spot Star’ card (while you are grilling them about their Success Secrets to high DSRs and 15% refunds from eBay). Go to the super secret website address on the card, type in your unique Rock Star number and see if you are a winner! Prizes include a year’s membership to OSI Rock Stars (Value $700+), the hot Flip Video Camera ($170), and many more.

I’m happy to say that I will be one of the 35 Rock Stars in attendance – so if you will be at LIVE in Chicago, be on the lookout for janieruth!

The Rock Star Buzz at eBay Live – Miss Virgo Knows All and Sees All!

OK, you have met Jeremy and Mike, now we have another character making an appearance on “What’s Janelle’s Secret?” – the all knowing, fruit salad wearing, Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot deciphering Ms. Virgo.  Ms. Virgo looks a little bit like a friend of mine – her initials are C. S.  I have not figured out the significance of the chicken, if you have any ideas, please let me know!

If you want to find out more about Janelle Elms, OSI Rock Stars and what the heck is going on with this mystery series, just check back here – new clues are appearing almost daily.  Don’t miss any of the fun at eBay Live in Chicago!